Common Questions

Common Questions

Breaking into tech can be a confusing process even when you’ve had years of technical training. And for those without that tech background, it is easy to be put off by uncertainty and lack of support in making this transition. There are several common questions that we were asking when on this journey ourselves and have heard many others being asked ever since.

We’ve collected some of the most popular of these common questions and addressed them in a simple and actionable way for you. Breaking into tech does not need to be a complicated or expensive process, and the wider internet can be less-than-helpful in explaining this.

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Perhaps the most common question is “Do I need a computer science degree?”. To which the answer (SPOILERS) is a resounding no. Read more about how this can actually be a real advantage both on paper and when starting your new job.

A second question which may not occur to you until you reach interview / assessment centre stage is “What topics do I need to know about?”. Obviously this is a pretty big question and the truest answer is “it depends”. But there are four key areas of tech which any wannabe technologist should know a little about. They may make headlines in the news like artificial intelligence or they may be the unsung heroes propping up the entire modern tech industry. Either way, read up on these four topics and you’ll be set to impress interviewers and future colleagues alike.

If you have a question or concern not listed here, drop us a message and we’ll address it for you! We want to make this journey into tech as straight-forward as possible.