How Do I Pick an Area?

How Do I Pick an Area?

You know you want to work in tech. But perhaps you are not sure which area of tech to chose. There are so many exciting options on offer, from artificial intelligence to cyber security to game development.

It’s ok. Choosing an area of tech is difficult.

Most jobs/programmes on offer will be for a specific area of tech. So in this case, you will need an idea of what you’d like to do before you start applying.

However for some programmes, such as graduate schemes, the role may be advertised as a general tech position rather than a position within one specific area of tech. This can be a great benefit since the business will help align you to a more specific area of tech once you start working.

So how do I pick?

We have many resources to help you chose an area of tech.


An excellent starting place is our tech-area quiz. It takes into account your existing skills and work preferences to suggest an area of tech that you may enjoy.

Try it out here.

From there, we will point you towards further reading and training/certification resources.

Tech-Area Summaries

If you want an overview of all the main areas of tech, we’ve got that too. All the most common job titles are broken down into 10 sections, each summarised in a few sentences.

Have a look here.


If there is a particular area that sounds like it’s the one for you, then your next step is to experiment with some of the technology common to that area. Each job role listed in the tech-area summaries above comes with a short list of suggested technologies to read-up on and practice. Looking into one of these is an excellent place to start.

But if you want something a little more structured, take a look at our training and certifications page. We’ve listed the best free and paid training for all areas of tech, for a range of abilities. Not only will this help you decide if you enjoy a particular area or not, but it may also provide you with a certification to include on your CV.

Have a look here.