Why Go for Tech?

Why Go for Tech?

There are more reasons to begin a career in tech that. But the top 3 are often considered to be-

  • Genuinely engaging work
  • Most in-demand, future facing sector
  • Generally high salaries wherever you go

If these three reasons alone aren’t enough, have a browse by section below.

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The Work

Your brain will not go soft

A job in tech provides the opportunity to flex your brain as much as you want. With a range of available work all the way from academia to physical work on a server farm, there is a challenge for everyone. Plus, even within a single job role, your duties may vary a lot.

You can be the first

An accountant is unlikely to develop the world’s next TikTok. However someone in the tech industry probably will! People and businesses often talk a lot about innovation and in tech, you are extremely well positioned to actually practice this skill. Employers will support and likely facilitate this behaviour. For example, IBM encourages their graduates to get a patent in their name if they create something great.

Sense of satisfaction

Whether it is knowing that you built something today that didn’t exist yesterday, or that you simply have a better understand how an everyday item works inside, many people working in the tech industry enjoy the sense of satisfaction and achievement that their job brings. And if it’s big-picture that you are after, the tech industry has been built largely on efforts to genuinely contribute to global wellbeing and happiness.

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The People

Any level of education accepted

The primary pre-requisite for any successful career in tech is enthusiasm. It matters much less whether you have a degree in computer science or you’ve just left school. Or whether you have previously spent years in the paper industry selling paper or you’ve tried writing some HTML for a website in your spare time. If you are genuinely interested in one of the many area of tech on offer, you will both enjoy and thrive in your tech career.

Cross-border calls and colleagues

Digital technology is not hindered by borders in the same way as other industries are. This provides individuals in many tech jobs the opportunity to work alongside colleagues across the globe. Be it Germany, India, USA, Argentina, or anywhere else in between, you will find remarkably talented tech professionals in every country and city.

Big push for diversity across the board

The tech industry has been experiencing a big push in diversity across the board. Sincere efforts to improve representation of women, BAME, LGBTQ, disabled, and many more are being adopted and supported rapidly. Initiatives are frequently being led from the very top of major organisations and are being supported by millions of tech workers across the globe. So while there is still a lot of work to do here, the industry is generally making big steps in the right direction.


The Lifestyle

Make the hours work for you

A tech role will frequently offer some or all of the following flexibility: the chance to work from home, flexible hours, or opportunities to work remotely. So whether you have kids to look after, hobbies to take seriously, or you just don’t like early mornings, a job in tech will likely help you facilitate this.

Any sector in any country

Given how essential technology has become in every aspect of our lives, you will find opportunities to build a tech career in any sector or country that you want. Perhaps a disruptive fintech startup operating in the big smoke of New York City is the professional lifestyle that you crave. Or maybe hardware support in Japan’s healthcare industry is your calling. Mix and match all you want, the possibilities in the tech industry are endless.

Workplace culture is a priority

There is massive competition between companies for the best tech people in every area of tech. And as such, businesses work hard on their company culture and the benefits which they offer in order to not only attract the best talent, but to keep them around. So you can often expect strong salaries and plenty of perks.

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The Career

Every company needs tech workers

Be it just a simple website or a complex global payments network, every single modern company utilises technology in some capacity. Which means all those companies will hire technologists as permanent staff, contractors, or freelancers. You may find yourself creating the graphics for an upcoming video game or instead you may be walking the CEO through your new AI ethics initiative.

Tech is hiring by the bucket load

…and it’s happening more and more each year. Individuals and business are rushing to keep pace with technology standards in their sector. Even large, traditional-business-model companies are now beginning to exploit the numerous benefits of a tech-first strategy. To facilitate this rapid embrace of modern technology, job advertising sites are being filled with every kind of tech role you can imagine. Some areas in particular, such as data science and cloud, currently have a deficit of suitably skilled professionals.

The money loves tech

VC investors and private equity alike, if you’ve got your eye on entrepreneurship, you will be well positioned for success coming from the tech industry. Take UK tech startups for example; despite the global coronavirus slump, they have attracted similar levels of investment compared to the same time last year. Tech innovation stops for nothing!