Tech loves acronyms. And to be honest, you will never learn them all.

But we guarantee that some of them will begin sticking as you read and practice more. Below, we’ve listed the most common acronyms in the tech industry. Don’t spend your time memorising these, they are simply here for reference.

Extra common ones are in bold.

AI = artificial intelligence

API = application programme interface

AWS = amazon web service

B2B = business to business

B2C = business to customer

BI = business intelligence

CDN = content delivery network

CDO = chief data officer

CI/CD = continuous integration continuous development

CIO = chief information officer

CLI = command line interface

CNN = convolutional neural network

CPU = central processing unit

CSS = cascading style sheets

CSV = comma separated values

CTO = chief technology officer

CTR = click through rate

DBMS = database management system

DLT = distributed ledger technology

EOL = end of life

ETL = extract, transform, load

GCP = Google cloud platform

GCS = Google cloud storage

GUI = graphical user interface

HDD = hard disk drive

HTML = hypertext markup language

HTTP = HyperText transfer protocol

HTTPS = HyperText transfer protocol secure

IaaS = infrastructure as a service

IAM = identity and access management

I/O = input and output

IDE = integrated development environment

IoT = internet of things

IP = internet protocol

IT = information technology

JS = JavaScript

JSON = JavaScript object notation

LAN = local area network

MI = management information

ML = machine learning

NLP = natural language processing

OOP = object oriented programming

OS = operating system

PaaS = platform as a service

QA = quality assurance

RAM = random access memory

RNN = recurrent neural network

S3 = AWS’s simple storage service

SaaS = software as a service

SDK = software development kit

SEO = search engine optimisation

SLA = service level agreement

SME = subject matter expert

SQL = structured query language

SSD = solid state drive

SSH = secure shell

SSO = single sign-on

UI = user interface

UX = user experience

VLAN = virtual local area network

VM = virtual machine

VPN = virtual private network

If you think there are any missing, let us know here!