Get Started

Get Started

Getting started is always the hardest bit. There are so many directions you can go and so much to learn in whichever one you pick. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

If you are just thinking about tech and at the complete beginning of your journey, start with our tech personality quiz. It’ll help you get started in an area of tech that you’ll enjoy.

Once you’ve done the quiz, the learning paths will provide an introduction to all the topics you should know about. Chose the path that is most appropriate for you and work through each of the pages. When you find something interesting, we’d definitely recommend following the links we’ve provided or turning to Google for a more thorough introduction and next steps.

If you are looking for something specific, check out the concepts pages. They will provide you with a simple introduction to all the main ideas in tech without going into huge detail.

Finally, if you want to get started on the job hunt or would just like to know more about some of the common tech job roles out there, have a look here.